Bring High

on Blockchain

Innovate platform changing the rules of the game on the market of sale and delivery of marijuana. Today in California tomorrow in all legalized jurisdictions!

What is the Bring High?

This is an innovative platform registering order for marijuana in just a couple of clicks and providing the order delivery in just 1 hour.

Users can type in their address, find stores in their area and order via mobile for delivery. It makes buying cannabis easy, safe and convenient.

Much like shipping by a recreational, medical store, give your cannabis consumers an ability to receive their customized bundles in as little as an hour or less.

From the January 1, 2018 anyone residing in California can easily buy recreational marijuana. The main market problem today is each order delivery speed and cost.


Quarter an hour to deliver

Imagine the situation. You are having a party. You are calling to the store to order marijuana and get it here and now, but you are being offered to wait 1-2 days.

In every town or district our courier(s) upon receiving message about the order, he delivers it within his district for 10-60 minutes right to you place.

We have solved this problem once and forever.

Business Model

Bring High is the marijuana sale and delivery market.

The mobile application combines internet store and delivery model

The buyer does not need to communicate the support team. He chooses the commodity in just clicks and orders via mobile application.

Each courier has the commodity presented in the internet store. Upon getting the message about the order, he brings it to the buyer

Who and Why needs that?

Why is The Bring High going to raise all the time?

  • 50% of the profit goes for engagement of new towns and districts.

  • The drivers have an oppurtunity to get salary in coins.

  • The refferals are provided with payments in HGH coin only.

  • The payment for the franchise provision is carried out in HGH coin


August 2018
- The origin of Bring High platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan.
October 2018
- Start blockchain development.
- Official annoucement.
- First listing on exchange.
- Listing on
October 2018
- Marketing and Social media campaign.
- Listing on the next advertising platform.
- More detailed roadmap.
November 2018
- Listing on the second exchange.
- Start of the development official application.
December 2018
- PR and Marketing campaign.
- Major exchange listing.
- Mobile wallets development.
January 2019
- Finalization of the official version.
March 2019
- Launch of the official application.

Our team

  • Danny Stewart

    IT company founder, stock market investor, busines consultant.

  • Gabriel Collins

    CTO, more than 15 years of software development experiences.

  • Alexis Nadeau

    Market Researcher Analyst, more than 10 years of experience in research into new products.

Coin Info

  • Algo - Quark

  • Block Time - 60sec

  • Max Coin Supply - 40 000 000 BRG

  • Premine - 200 000 BRG (0.5%)

  • MN Collateral - 1000 BRG


MN: 80% POW: 20%

  • Block 201-20000: 0.2 BRG

  • Block 20001-40000: 0.4 BRG

  • Block 40001-60000: 1 BRG

  • Block 60001-80000: 4 BRG

  • Block 80001-82000: 7 BRG

MN: 80% POS: 20%

  • Block 82001-100000: 7 BRG

  • Block 100001-120000: 10 BRG

  • Block 120001-140000: 13 BRG

  • Block 140001-160000: 20 BRG

  • Block 160001-180000: 30 BRG

  • Block 180001-200000: 40 BRG

  • Block 200001-Infinite: 50 BRG